• Hollywood Feed

    An Introduction

Who We Are

Hollywood Feed began as the local feed store on the corner of Hollywood Street and Chelsea Avenue in Midtown Memphis. The Memphis Zoo, the animal shelter and the local police force were the original house accounts. Over the next three decades, it was the place to get pet food, good advice, and friendly service. In the ’80s, as the city closed in around Hollywood Feed, they began focusing on household pets.

After being customers for many years, my partners and I acquired Hollywood Feed with the intention of building on this great legacy. We have seen many changes over the years and today we are a neighborhood pet store carrying the best natural and holistic pet products. We carry the best grain-free and natural dog food at an affordable price. Our health and nutrition trained staff is ready to help make the best decisions for your pet. Our values are embedded in our promise:


– Shawn McGhee, Proprietor


How We’ve Grown and Where We Are


Why We Are A Different Breed Of Pet Retail

Hollywood Feed makes a huge investment in the training of our store sales associates and staff. We aren’t here just to sell; we’re here to help. At Hollywood Feed, our customers are part of our pack. Our Feed Team members get to know each of our customers and their pets personally. We call them friends. The better we get to know you, the better we can help you. Customer service is our priority. We attribute our growth to consistently providing it better than our competitors.

We genuinely care about the health and quality of life of household pets. Whether it be nutrition, training, interactive play, rest, or treasured alone time in their den or kennel, we’re here to make recommendations to enhance your relationship with your pet.


In 2013, we purchased a family owned dog bed company in Mississippi with the intention of using it as a catalyst to ignite the once thriving textile industry in north Mississippi. We launched the dog beds with a television campaign that says a lot about who we are and what we believe in. The dog beds are selling and the sew shops in Mississippi are busy sewing.

Rescue Partners

Hollywood Feed began with the goal of making a difference in pets’ lives. Supporting local rescue is a huge part of making a difference and a main component of who we are. We are proud to say we currently support over 150 rescue groups through donations, sponsorship, and in-store adoption events.

In 2017, we helped over 100 rescue groups, held 1,440 adoption events at our stores, and fed 35,303 meals to homeless pets in our neighborhoods. We couldn’t have accomplished any of this without our big-hearted customers, and the level of public support we garner from helping these groups is huge.

There is no denying that with 68% of the US population owning a pet, we easily increase our customer traffic by 45-50% during in-store adoption days. Our customers love to see pets in our locations and love the causes we stand behind. Each store has become synonymous with the rescue groups they host for events.

We structured our Rescue Partners program based on the desire to always ensure we are familiar with each group’s goal and structure and guarantee we continue to hold each group to the same high standards.

Working with our Rescue Partners allows us to support pet adoption by building long-term relationships with the communities we serve. We truly have made a difference in thousands of animals’ lives.

All rescues go through an application process and are either approved or denied. Once approved, the rescue must sign our stringent Rescue Partner agreement. The agreement was crafted to ensure certain criteria be adhered to at all times during the partnership.

What Landlords Are Saying

“Hollywood Feed has been a tenant at Cahaba Village in Birmingham, AL since 2011. Cahaba Village is a Whole Foods anchored center located in the highest income demographic trade area in Birmingham. Hollywood Feed has been an excellent tenant at this location. This tenant fills a very special niche that services a customer demographic that we feel is quickly growing – the pet owner who desires the special experience and specialty products not found in the box stores.

Hollywood Feed was highly professional to work with throughout the lease and build out process. They have been an outstanding tenant from an operational standpoint as well. Where some landlords may have concerns about pets being on-site, we’ve never experienced a problem with this aspect of their business. Their store has a nice aesthetic and is always clean and well stocked.

While Landlords are searching for ways to increase traffic in their shopping centers, Hollywood Feed is an everyday needs tenant who can exist in many different product types bringing repeat, loyal customers to the property. Hollywood Feed is a tenant who Bayer Properties would definitely desire to have throughout our portfolio and would highly recommend to other landlords.”

– Mary Beyer Lell, Bayer Properties

“It’s been a pleasure working with the entire team at Hollywood Feed. At Regency Centers, we look for best-in-class retailers. Hollywood Feed truly complements our centers with its boutique charm and unique pet offerings. We welcome them into our Dallas portfolio and look forward to building future partnerships.”

– Ryan Griffin, Regency Centers

“I think other retailers should take ideas from your company. You are far beyond the competition.”

“The staff blew me away – passionate, engaging, knowledgeable, patient – from floor to point of sale. And, I was super impressed with store – selection, high quality, etc. Well done from a satisfied-and-expectations-exceeded customer.”

“Don’t change anything! The best part was the employees who are eager and know their products. I love that there are multiple choices and the employees know what to offer to resolve an issue. I’m a “regular” at the dog park and we all LOVE Hollywood Feed! From my conversations with the dog park people, none of us would go anywhere else!”

The Pet Supply Industry

Specialty pet stores are ahead of other retail industries due to pet parents’ affinity to treat their pets like members of the family. According to the 2017-2018 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 68% of U.S. households own a pet, which equates to 85 million homes. Not surprisingly, food is a necessity for all those pets. It’s no wonder the APPA estimates that $69.5 billion was spent on pets in 2017.

Awards & Recognition

  • 2018 Best Of Atlanta – Best Self Atlanta
  • 2014 – 2018 BEST PLACES TO WORK – Commercial Appeal, MEMPHIS, TN
  • 2011 – 2018 BEST PET STORE – Memphis Flyer Magazine
  • 2018 Best of the Best Awards – Cary Living Magazine,  Raleigh-Durham
  • 2016 -2019 Readers Voice Awards – Dallas Voice
  • Annually awarded for local reader’s polls and reader’s choice awards for BEST PET STORE & BEST GROOMING SERVICES nearly everywhere we are located.

For additional questions or further inquiry into a leasing opportunity with Hollywood Feed, please email [email protected]